About Us

Our Roots

Homesteaders Online began as a Slack community group for members of Steemit, a social blogging website.  From there, it has evolved into what you find today. Homesteaders Online is a supportive and engaging online community centered around the homesteading mindset, but we are not limited to just homesteading.  This community group strives to offer support, education, and collaboration between individuals to empower, strengthen, and encourage each other.  It is our hope that Homesteaders Online will continue to evolve and grow so as to reach like-minded individuals and continue to support each other.

Our Vision

Our vision is for this community to grow into an internet-based hub for Homesteaders, Gardeners, Farmers, Preppers, Permaculturists, and other like-minded individuals. A place to make connections with each other, to learn a new skill, and more.  We are excited to make our vision a reality, we hope you will join us!